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Indoor Plants of Steel

Ideal indoor houseplants are 'plants of steel'– durable enough to withstand low light and irregular watering.

The plants that fit this category seem to handle abuse fairly well, and can adapt to a variety of conditions. One characteristic that seems to be consistent is that these plants are slow or slower growers then other indoor tropicals.

Aglaonemas are durable, versatile tropical foliage plants that are very popular for use indoors and for interiorscape settings. The ponytail palm is basically a ‘plant it and forget it’ kind of plant, providing it has enough light to thrive and somewhat steady water throughout the growing season. Because this is an arid plant by nature, periods of dryness are not deadly for an established plant.

A tropical plant,
sansevierias could be elected easiest of all houseplants. They like warmth and dry air; will accept a little sun or a lot; and are not even fussy about the amount of moisture in the soil. The Zamioculcas zamiifolia, otherwise known as the ‘ZZ plant’, is a durable houseplant that requires next to nothing in care, thrives in almost all conditions and isn't bothered by pests and diseases.

The other nice thing about these kinds of plants is they are artistic in the way they show. Their nice plant bases give them a unique look and are great table top conversation pieces. You can enjoy them in so many places in your home. Try one in your home or office and you will see that even Superman would be impressed how strong they are!

indoor plants, Costa Farms

Mike Rimland, The Plant Hunter, Costa FarmsMike Rimland, The Plant Hunter, is a potted plant and indoor plant expert at Costa Farms. Learn more at