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Dr. Mark Sneller
Indoor Air Quality Expert & Author of
'Greener Cleaner Indoor Air: A Guide to Healthier Living'

Dr. Mark Sneller - Indoor Air ExpertIn 1979, Dr. Sneller started Aero-Allergy Research, an indoor air quality company in Tucson, Arizona. Since then, he has received two awards from the Arizona Lung Association for work in the field of respiratory health, has been featured in Newsweek Magazine, The New York Times, Woman’s Day, and Prevention (May 2010), and on ABC, NBC and CBS national network news. Dr. Sneller has also been under contract with the Department of Justice and Department of Defense for outdoor and indoor air monitoring and served on the State of Arizona Air Pollution Control Hearing Board under appointment from the governor. A bioterrorism consultant for the City of New York Department of Health, he has hosted his own radio talk show and was a weekly newspaper columnist for the ten years. Currently, he is an expert for Big Blend's Quality of Life magazine and radio show.

Dr. Sneller is an approved pollen and mold identification expert by the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology and is the author of some fifteen scientific papers in the fields of mycology, palynology, organic chemistry, fungal toxins and combination drug therapy. Dr. Mark Sneller is a nationally renowned indoor air expert. After spending over 30 years studying mold, pollen and indoor pollutants and inspecting thousands of homes, offices and schools, he knows how to green our great indoors. That's why he's written one of the most comprehensive books available to consumers filled with information and suggestions for ways to create a healthier, safer indoor environment. Boasting over one hundred articles by award-winning scientist Mark R. Sneller, 'Greener Cleaner Indoor Air' is an invaluable reference guide that promotes longer life.

Most of us spend 90% of our times indoors. Research shows that our exposure to toxic substances indoors is five to ten times greater than our exposure at outdoor levels. Indoor air pollution is a hidden cause of many health problems, including asthma and cancer. The air we breathe can harm us, not only because of allergens that enter from outside, but also because of the chemicals we saturate our homes with.

Covering virtually every aspect of the parade of particles we breathe, Dr. Sneller will teach you how to:

- improve the air quality in your home, school, and workplace

- keep your pets healthy

- save money by maintaining better indoor air quality

- identify and eliminate mold

- clean your house safely, without toxic chemicals

- avoid perfumes and air fresheners that cause depression

...and much more

Learn more at

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Greener Cleaner Indoor Air
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