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Regina Leeds
The Zen Organizer
Regina Leeds, The Zen Organizer, has been organizing clients in their homes since 1988 when she started her business, Get Organized! by REGINA.  Her clients run the gamut from movie stars to housewives and everyone in between.  Regina is the author of eight books on the subject including New York Times best seller One Year to an Organized Life.

Other books in the One Year to an Organized … series include One Year to an Organized Work Life, One Year to an Organized Financial Life (written with financial planner and author Russell Wild) and One Year to an Organized Life with Baby written with mother of five Meagan Francis. Organized Baby is the perfect baby shower gift for the overwhelmed first time mom. Regina's latest book is The 8 Minute Organizer for those who just want to dabble in the art of getting organized!  Regina credits her super organized mother Rose with being her teacher and mentor.  


Regina has created a unique approach to getting organized called Zen Organizing.  It encompasses the client's past experiences in this arena, current goals and the reality of the literal space. Regina also stresses the importance of one's diet, exercise and the need for meditation.  The Zen of Organizing can be experienced by everyone regardless of previous experience, your personal spiritual path or the current state of your affairs.  It is truly the holistic approach to getting organized that will benefit everyone.  

Please visit Regina at her website to learn more.  She welcomes your e-mails.

Regina Leeds - The Zen Organizer

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